Is it harmful to your body with a stainless steel vacuum flasks?

Time:2016-08-02 12:00:00

  Is it harmful to your body with a stainless steel vacuum flasks?

  In daily life, people usually get used to holding water in drinking cups, which is particularly common in winter. So, using a flask to hold liquids will not produce chemical changes, which will be harmful to the body? The following will let you know the correct answer.

  In fact, simply using stainless steel insulation cups to install boiling water, it is non-toxic, will not cause any harm to the human body.

The stainless steel insulation cup is made of double stainless steel inside and outside. The welding technology is used to combine the inner shell and the outer shell, and vacuum technology is used to extract the air in the sandwich of the inner shell and the outer shell to achieve vacuum insulation effect. It has many advantages such as good heat preservation performance, light weight, anti-fracture, anti-corrosion, anti-extrusion, heat-resisting and rapid change performance, and convenient use. And the stainless steel insulation cup uses food-grade 304 stainless steel as the material, ensuring that the amount of heavy metals dissolved in the water-filled insulation cup does not exceed the standard, including lead not exceeding the standard. At the same time, the inner cover of the regular stainless steel insulation cup is made of PC material. This kind of PC material is boiled in boiling water without taste and will not be deformed. Aprons are made of silica gel and are non-toxic materials.

  So, is the stainless steel insulation glass toxic? Drinking stainless steel cups through regular channels is not toxic, and it does not pose a hazard to human health drinking water. But be careful not to choose too cheap stainless steel cups, because 304 stainless steel costs the quality. Generally a genuine stainless steel insulation cup prices ranging from 100 to 500.

  However, if you use stainless steel insulation cups to hold acids and alkaline substances, toxic substances will be produced and harmful to your health.

上海快3计划  The choice of a regular stainless steel mug to drink water is not poisonous, but if the stainless steel insulation cup is not filled with boiling water, but the tea or milk, soy milk and other substances, we must be cautious to drink。 Tea contains a lot of tannic acid, theophylline and aromatic oils, but also contains a variety of vitamins。 If tea is used in insulated cups, tea will be soaked in high-temperature water for a long time, which will greatly reduce the original nutritional value of tea and make the tea unscented。 With a bitter taste, harmful substances in the tea will also increase。 This type of mug, in which milk is brewed, will cause the bacteria to breed every 20 minutes, and after 3 to 4 hours the milk will deteriorate。 In addition, the constant temperature in the insulation cup can destroy the vitamins in the milk and it will directly affect the health of the body and mind。

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