Vacuum flask selection tips

Time:2016-10-13 12:00:00

Choose six tips for vacuum flasks:

The vacuum flask is generally a water-filled container made of ceramic or stainless steel plus a vacuum layer. The top is covered and the seal is tight. The vacuum insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of the liquid such as water inside to achieve the purpose of heat preservation. There are three ways to spread: radiation, convection, and transmission. The silver cup in the insulation cup can reflect the radiation of hot water. The vacuum of the cup and cup can block the heat transfer, while the bottle that does not transmit heat can block the heat convection.

1, first look at the vacuum insulation cup label or instructions: the general formal manufacturers will have to write product models, names, volumes, materials, production addresses, manufacturers, standard number, after sales, use methods and so on.

2, plastic parts identification method: food grade plastic smell is small, the surface is bright, no burr, long service life is not easy to aging。 Ordinary plastics or recycled plastics have large odors, dark shades, and many burrs。 Plastics tend to age and fracture。 This will continue to affect the service life, the most important will affect the safety of drinking water。

3。 Vacuum insulation cup insulation test method: Because the vacuum insulation cup adopts vacuum insulation technology, the heat can be prevented from being transmitted to the outside under vacuum conditions, thereby achieving the effect of heat preservation。 To test the insulation effect of the vacuum flask, just pour the boiling water into the cup。 After two or three minutes, touch the various parts of the vacuum flask (especially the bottom) and see if the heat is not hot。 If any part is hot, the temperature will be Will be lost from that place。

4, the sealing performance identification method: fill the lid with water and invert a few minutes (or forced to throw) to see if there is water exposed.

上海快3计划5, stainless steel material simple identification method: stainless steel material specifications are many, 18/8 said this stainless steel material contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel, Benny rabbit brand cup liner is the material that is usually said 304 # stainless steel, reach this Standard materials, in line with national food grade standards, are green products, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant。 Ordinary stainless steel insulation cup body color appears whitish or dark, if you put 1% salt water for 24 hours, there will be rust spots, some of the elements contained in it exceed the standard and directly endanger the health of the human body。

6, the capacity of simple identification method: vacuum cups are double-layered, the actual capacity of the cup and we will see a certain difference. Look at the depth of the vacuum insulation cup liner and the height of the outer layer is not much difference (usually 1.8 ~ 2.2cm), many small factories in order to reduce costs, often in the materials aspect, add sand, cement, etc. in the cup, this It may affect the capacity of the vacuum flask.

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