Which is better for the insulation cup? How to customize the insulation cup?

Time:2015-09-12 12:00:00

Which is better? How to customize the insulation cup? — Si Hao tells you the answer

Mr. Yu is an e-commerce provider in the household goods industry in Zhangzhou, Hunan Province. He also has a physical store and an online sales chain. The original did not involve the insulation cup products, with a keen observation, he felt that the test water insulation cup products. Through the network and the multi-dimensional understanding of the market, after numerous screenings, he contacted us. After answering questions in his mind, we finally determined the partnership.

Mr. Yu's many questions are also the questions of many customers. When many customers choose the insulation cup, they will pay attention to how to customize the insulation cup? I would like to ask you questions about these two key issues.

Question 1: Which is better for the insulation cup?

Under normal circumstances, there are generally several situations in which custom cups are customized by customers:

1. own brand, looking for brand processing

2. Gift mug, need to put advertising information

上海快3计划3。 New product design drawings, need to open mold customization

4. There are samples, I plan to improve on the basis of the samples, and customize the new ones.

When customers search for custom mugs, they will jump out a lot of information, there are platforms, there are gift brokers, some are factories, some are personal online stores and so on. Do you find it difficult to choose in the face of a variety of information? it's actually really easy. First of all, you have to determine the number you want to customize and the approximate budget. If you have a small number, the style requirements are not limited, you can choose the network platform or online store for customization, platform and online store, often the style selection space is large, small Batch can be customized. Custom content is often a logo or a pattern. If the number is large, you need to customize the cup's color, logo, and packaging. It's best to look for mug makers. Under normal circumstances, there are more than 200 cups, you can find the factory, the factory will give the corresponding recommendations based on customer requirements to help customers reduce costs. If it comes to the problem of open mold production, factories often can give a reasonable mold cost and a single cup offer, so that customers will be more accurate. Therefore, if there is a large quantity, it is the most cost-effective to go directly to the factory for customization.

Then the question came again. Is that factory suitable?

上海快3计划Customized cups, mainly to see the price and service of the product. When choosing a factory, it depends on the price, but also on quality and service. Everything should be based on the sample. It is best to find a professional custom factory. This factory has customized experience, can better understand the actual needs of customers, and pay more attention to customer service. At the same time, you can also look at the strength of the factory, look at the cooperation partners and related qualifications, and understand the factory in all aspects.

Question 2: How to customize the insulation cup?

This problem is relatively simple。 Customers can choose their ideal cup type first, then list the effect they want, and send the relevant information to the manufacturer。 Based on this information, the manufacturer will make an effect chart for the customer's reference and continue to communicate after the two parties communicate。 Corrected until the customer's request was met。 The parties then finalize the details of the cooperation, including packaging, delivery, fees and related services。 If it is a customer involved in mold opening, then there is a proofing link in the middle, that is, after the two parties have determined the cooperation, the factory will provide the customer with a sample when the mold is completed, to see if adjustment is needed, and the color logo is involved in the middle。 Proofing and other content, so the customization of this product, the service of the factory is very important。

上海快3计划As a responsible factory, Siyu has always insisted on focusing on product quality and detail, is committed to serving our customers, communicating with customers in a timely manner, timely proofing, giving timely feedback to customers, and winning the praise of customers。

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