What can't I install a stainless steel vacuum flask?

Time:2016-07-19 12:00:00

In daily life, many consumers use stainless steel vacuum flasks to hold acidic liquids such as juice, fruit tea, and carbonated drinks. Will this pose a safety risk? To understand this problem, the inspectors performed a set of comparative experiments to test the effect of water and acidic solution on the migration of heavy metals in stainless steel insulation cups.

Experts say that when using stainless steel vacuum flasks properly, heavy metal migration tends to occur at very slow speeds and usually does not affect human health. However, when a food with a relatively large acidity is contained, the migration speed will increase and it is very likely that more heavy metals will be removed in a short period of time. In the long run, it will inevitably lead to the accumulation of heavy metals in the body. If it exceeds a certain amount, it will damage health. In addition, the naked eye often cannot recognize and detect the migration of heavy metals, and the safety risks are difficult to be discovered, and the potential risks are greater. Therefore, experts recommend not to use acidic stainless steel mugs for acidic foods.

Many people like to use a stainless steel vacuum flask to brew green tea. Is this right?

The testers did an experiment at the press conference - taking a cup and a glass with roughly the same capacity, taking the same quality tea into two cups and adding the same amount of boiling water。 After 10 minutes, it was found by thermometer that the water temperature in the glass was lowered to 50 ° C ~ 60 ° C, while the water temperature in the vacuum cup was above 85 ° C。 The experimental results show that the stainless steel vacuum flask will accelerate the oxidation process of tea polyphenols to a certain extent, which will inevitably lead to the loss of tea polyphenols。 Therefore, experts suggest that consumers should not use green tea cups。

上海快3计划In addition, some stainless steel vacuum flasks have high insulation properties and too small water outlet design, which has the risk of burns; some products using high manganese and low nickel steel liners have far less corrosion resistance than 304 stainless steel, and heavy metals are more likely to migrate in acidic media. Its hygienic safety performance is poor.

1 stainless steel vacuum flask selection guide

Try to buy in regular stores and supermarkets; purchase according to factors such as capacity, use, purchase, price, etc.; see the product's label, logo, logo, and instructions; check the appearance of the purchased mug, including Whether the surface color of the liner is uniform, whether the inner weld is smooth, whether there is burr on the outer surface, whether the lid and the cup are tightly screwed, and whether the sealing member such as the seal ring is bulged, loose, or not compliant.

2 matters needing attention

上海快3计划In daily use, consumers should pay attention to: If you want to use other cups to hold other foods, please pay attention to the product label, logo and instructions for use; it is best not to install carbonated drinks, do not wear strong acid food for a long time; try to avoid Impact or fall; do not brush the surface of the liner with a steel ball; remove the seal regularly and clean the seal, seal and cover contact.

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